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5 Tips to Make Your Move Easy

Whether it’s your first time moving or if you have gone through several of moves in your lifetime, moving out of your current home to a new place always carries with it a hurricane of rampaging emotions. There’s excitement, of course, in moving to a new place and getting the chance to experience a new and hopefully, a better environment.

However, there’s anxiety and fear for the same reasons you are excited about as well – adjusting into a new environment can seem very daunting at times and you cannot be sure if the place will be great for you unless you experience the stay there first hand. Rest assured it’s normal to have your anxiety levels rushing towards a peak at this point.

The one feeling that tops them all is the crazy amount of stress you get hit with when you look around at all the piles of your personal possessions, furniture and just start panicking while thinking, ‘How in the world am I going to pack all this stuff without losing my sanity?’

If you are currently on the verge of a mental breakdown then rest assured you have come to the right place, we have everything you need. Well than, go ahead and read on! We can offer you 5 basic yet necessary tips that can make your house moving process super easy and enjoyable throughout the whole transitioning period.

Separate the Essentials

It has highly likely that, after the move is done, you might be so burned out from the fatigue of moving everything that all you would want to do is crash and burn. In that case, you will need to unpack some of the essentials for the night.

Under such events, we suggest that you should pack your basic essentials and toiletries in a separate bag or a plastic transparent box. Packing the basic stuff, you need- like your toiletries, a spare change of clothes, your chargers for electronic devices, or even work clothes in case you have to go to your workplace the next day – in a separate place can make it easier for you get all your important things in one place.

Plus, a separate transparent box makes it easier to identify where all your things are kept amidst the piles of unpacked cardboard boxes so it saves you the trouble of not wasting your time in opening up every box to find your things of immediate use.

Avoid the Excess Baggage

The more the things you pack, the higher the stress and the higher the moving costs that you will have to deal with. Make sure you make a thorough inventory of your household items and get rid of any clutter that comes your way.

Try to downsize the things you want to take with you to your new home. Being ruthless with your selections can really save you from a lot of troubles. Clearly outlining boxes according to their contents will make your life much easier and will also help you determine which boxes are worth taking in the first place. Furthermore, there are many other ways you can clearly organize your move and declutter the chaos of packing.

Aside from throwing out unnecessary trash, the things you don’t need that are in good condition and are reusable, donate them to homeless shelters or sell them to anyone who would be willing to pay. This is a great way to earn extra money whilst saving up on your moving costs as well. Consider setting up a yard sale right before your move to sell all of the unnecessary items you may have accumulated over the years. We also recommend contacting a moving company, if you have any questions regarding the move or the logistics. Remember, fortune favors the prepared!

Secure the Leaks

When packing liquid filled items (such as lotions or hand washes etc.), make sure to cover their opening with a plastic or saran wrap and then secure them with their lids back on. This will prevent any spills of leaks during the moving process.

Pack them up in Clothes

Transporting fragile items for the move can be a nerve wrecking hurdle. The idea of finding your precious china and glass possessions to be smashed up during the move is bound to leave more than a few tears and emotional damage. Save yourself the drama and pack your fragile items in clothes and bubble wrap.

Label the Details on the Boxes

Writing down the contents of the box and where they should be unpacked (like the kitchen or bedroom etc.) before they reach your new home can be very useful. Movers will be able to identify where to keep the boxes while they transport them inside your new adobe. Plus, this way you can easily unpack and set up your things completely, one place at a time.

Moving is not an easy task. However, it’s always reassuring to find new ways on how you can make this task easier while having an enjoyable experience.

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