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All About De Nobili Cigars

All About De Nobili Cigars

Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About De Nobili Cigars: An In-depth Review and Smoker Guide 

For a rich, unique smoke with sweet woody notes, De Nobili Cigars are an easy choice. These popular, yet unique cigars have been enjoyed by tobacco smoking aficionados for decades. 

Crafted through the famed Avanti Cigar Company, these cigars use premium USA Kentucky tobacco. So if you haven’t tried De Nobili Cigars, you should definitely consider giving them a chance. here’s why…

In this helpful guide, we’ll tell you everything you could ever want to know about the De Nobili Cigar brand, what they taste like, their flavor, and what makes them stand out above all. 

So if you have an interest in fine De Nobili Cigars, then this guide will give you all the facts. That way, you can decide for yourself if this cigar is right for you or not. 

If you already smoke De Nobilis and want to learn more about the famed brand, then you’ve come to the right place as well. We’ll go over the full brand history and tell you how to easily shop for De Nobili Cigars online without breaking the bank. Let’s get rolling!

The History of De Nobili: The Rich Legacy and Heritage of this Popular Cigar Brand

To begin with, the fine De Nobili Cigar brand is owned by the famous Avanti Cigar Company. 

Since 1901, Avanti has been manufacturing and selling fine cigars to smokers who prize quality, consistency, and taste. They bought De Nobili cigars in the 1930s, and have been shaping and fostering the De Nobili brand and its fine Italian cigar lines ever since. 

Today, Avanti and De Nobili are still some of the most popular cigars in the United States. The Avanti company is headquartered in Scranton, PA where they manufacture not only De Nobili brand cigars, but also many other fine brands like Estilo, Kentucky Cheroots, Parodi, and Ramrod. 

The 1900s: Humble Beginnings and Immigration from Calabria, Italy to New York City, NY

It all began with the three brand founders Dominic, Anthony, and Frank Suraci. These adventurous men left their Italian hometown of Calabria, Italy, and immigrated to none other than the Big Apple. 

Once in New York, they began making a name for themselves in the cigar industry. After all, they had the skills, they had the experience, and they certainly had the dedication and drive. 

The 1910s: Three Italian Brothers Combine Their Skills to Start a Rich Cigar Legacy 

The three men were very familiar with a variant of small hand-rolled cigars then known as “Toscano”. 

Seeing an opportunity to offer the public a better cigar option, they capitalized on their love of cigars and began serving the smoking needs of the Italian-American population in NYC. Then, in 1912, “Suraci Brothers” was formed. This company would eventually grow to become the famed Avanti Cigar Company.

The 1920s: The Evolving Avanti Company Presses On

Over the years, the Avanti company offered various new cigars under a lengthy line-up of evolving company names. 

In fact, Avanti has formerly gone by Suraci Brothers, the State Leaf Company, and Parodi Cigar Company of New York. As they grew, they were forced to overcome obstacles and unimaginable turns of poor fortune. Through Prohibition, the stock market crash of 1929, and two World Wars, they soldiered on, crafting premium cigars for the everyday New Yorker. 

The 1930s – Today: Avanti (Parodi Cigar Company) Acquires the De Nobili Cigar Company 

By the 1930s, the brand’s biggest competitor just so happened to be the De Nobili Cigar Co. 

After an uphill battle trying to hold their own against Avanti, the brothers were finally able to purchase the entire De Nobili Cigar Company (then run out of Long Island, NY). The acquisition of De Nobili’s Italian style cigars helped to push Avanti toward the success they still retain today!

The De Nobili Cigar Today

De Nobili offers a delicious lineup of premium cigars, which are stuffed with a blend containing various strains of select American-grown Kentucky Burley Tobacco. It’s easy to see why these cigars are a longstanding all-American favorite! 

So if you’re looking to enjoy an authentic tasting cigar made with a premium, American tobacco blend, then these cigars are a great option. Since each and every cigar is stuffed with 100% authentic, all-natural Kentucky tobacco, you’ll get rich, smooth flavor, all the way through, from start to finish! 

Indeed, these cigars are satisfying from your first drag to your last puff. Not only that, but each De Nobili cigar comes fire-cured and smoked with hickory wood. This yields a nutty and spiced flavor that pairs perfectly for a unique smoking experience. 

De Nobili Products: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

The Avanti Company has stayed true to the De Nobili Italian cigar brand since its initial company merger back in the 1930s. 

Indeed, you can still smoke the same primo Italian style, American-made De Nobili cigar just as our ancestors enjoyed over 100 years ago! 

Popular De Nobili products include De Nobili Popular, De Nobili Economy, De Nobili King, De Nobili Toscano, De Nobili Toscani Longs, and De Nobili Twin Packs, all of which are available for purchase online!  

Try a De Nobili Cigar Yourself and Taste The Difference

If you want to try out one of these flavorful, unique cigars for yourself, then shopping online is the best route to go if you’re looking to spend less. 

That’s right; when you buy your De Nobili Cigars online, you’ll have access to a wider range of products, styles, and flavors. Plus, you’ll be able to buy at prices that are close to wholesale. This means you’ll get deals that your local smoke shop doesn’t offer! 

To save money, avoid aggravation, and get better selection, shopping for your De Nobili Cigars online is hands-down the best way to go!

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