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How To Maintain Solar Panels?

Maintaining your solar system is necessary because insufficient care can reduce the amount of energy generated by these panels. Since the panels absorb energy from the sun, an important part of the care is to keep the panels clean.

To maximize the benefit of the solar panels, a bit of maintenance is required for sure. Here are a few tips to consider for taking care of your solar panels.



Generally, the solar panels are installed at high locations where they are not vulnerable to damage and debris. But it is advised to inspect your panels from time to time so as to make sure that you are not losing power due to a build-up of pollen or tree material.

Generally, the solar power company which installed your panel makes a periodic visit to check your solar system. The solar panels also suffer damage due to extreme hail storms and weather conditions.



The wiring of your solar system should last for the life of your system. A great way to prevent any electrical issue is to go for only certified solar installers in California. They know where systems commonly fail as well as other issues that may halt your energy production.

Modern systems have a real-time monitoring feature that usually outputs data to the web or on your smartphone. If you notice any unexpected decrease in production, you can contact your solar power company to come to do an inspection.



You must keep your solar panels out of shade because the energy generation becomes comparatively inefficient when they are kept from absorbing any sunlight.

An experienced California Solar company will know where exactly to install the solar panels so as to get maximum energy from the sun.



Oily stains may appear if you live near any airport and are under a flight path. They may also appear if you adjacent of a major roadway frequented by trucks. If you want to clean the oily patches off your solar panel, you can use isopropyl alcohol which acts as a spot cleaning substance.



While cleaning your solar panels, you have to be careful of the mineral count in your water. Hard water can leave spots making the panel lose efficiency. Seeing the complexity of the task, it is always advisable to hire good California solar power companies.


If you are asking for professional help, find an experienced solar power company to get your work done. Solar system maintenance is very easy and infrequent if done properly. Taking proper care of your system can help reduce the maintenance cost as well. I can recommend “Horizon Solar Power” if you wish to buy a quality yet cost-effective solar panels in California. They are one of the most reliable and reputed solar power companies with years of experience.


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